Police Station Representation


Legal representation at the Police Station is free of charge.

The importance of receiving the correct legal advice at the earliest available opportunity is priceless. It is vital that you engage an experienced lawyer to represent you from the outset. The decision whether or not to answer questions, provide a no comment interview or a written statement can and often will influence the outcome of your case.

At Grech Gooden Solicitors our experienced team of Police Station representatives have over a century of experience. Grech Gooden Solicitors defend more suspects held in custody than any other firm of Solicitors across South Wales. Grech Gooden Solicitors have successfully defending all types of allegation at the Police Station stage varying from offences such as shoplifting, drink driving right the way through to the more serious offences including murder, sexual offences and offences relating to serious organised crime.

At Grech Gooden Solicitors we recognise that all of our clients are innocent until proven guilty.

All of Grech Gooden Solicitors’ Police Station team are Police Station Accredited. This guarantees the highest level of quality.

Grech Gooden Solicitors have two offices located within a 15 second walk of Cardiff Bay Police Station. The location of our offices is not an accident. They were deliberately placed to ensure that you, our client, will be not kept waiting for a Solicitor.

At Grech Gooden Solicitors we provide expert advice and representation before the interview, during the interview and after the interview. At Grech Gooden Solicitors we pride ourselves on the ability to secure bail for our clients in some of the most serious criminal cases.

Grech Gooden Solicitors Police Station team have recently successfully defending the following allegations:-

1 Conspiracy to murder
2 Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs
3 Rape
4 Possession of indecent images
5 Grievous bodily harm with intent
6 Grievous bodily harm
7 Possession of prohibited weapons (MP5 machine gun)
8 Conspiracy to steal
9 Theft
10 All manner of assaults

Should you have already been interviewed without the benefit of representation by Grech Gooden Solicitors and placed upon bail to return to the Police Station we will still be able to represent you upon your return. The importance of the correct advice and representation throughout proceedings in the Police Station cannot be undervalued. Should you wish to transfer your instructions to Grech Gooden Solicitors please do not hesitate to contact our Cardiff Bay office.

For more information and a free of charge appointment please do not hesitate to contact our Police Station team at our Cardiff Bay office on 02920 450600.

Alternatively please email mail@grechgoodensolicitors.co.uk